Layla is software you can use to create a beautiful & fast website, blog, or app.

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for OSX


For Users

For Users

Easier control under your website than before.

Layla - the simple management of static pages and posts. You want to create a new page and put it into the navigation? Just add a new page. You want to create a new post to the news section or blog? Do it.

Templates and layout of the site.

Choose the right template for your presentation. And we still creating brand new templates.

Installation instructions.

Layla runs on each Webhost with support for PHP5 +. Yes, that's really all. No setting up an external database. Layla has its own local database. No additional demands.

For Advanced Users

The possibility of language localizations of the administration.

Layla is being developed in Prague (Czech Republic), but they can operate in several languages as well. In the administration interface too. You can co-operate with your cross-language colleague from anywhere.

The possibility of language localization templates.

Your ideas and presentation deserve to sell globally. Layla granted the simplicity of the setup of language localizations through any of the text strings in the templates.

Languages under control.

All language localization from the Administration back0end to the front-end template. You can easily manage all possible languages from the administration.

For Developers

Complete customizability.

Want to add your own function? Or just want to improve the quality of the publishing system? You can participate in the publishing of updates with us so updates included in the official release.

One universal publishing system for all type projects.

We're not forcing anyone to use a Layla in the default version and functional appearance. Use Layla as the basis for your new applications and projects and enrich it with new features according to your preferences.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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